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About Jeannette Kiel

Jeannette Kiel is an ecofeminist scholar, professor, and artist. She is originally from Southern California and currently lives in Northern California. Jeannette’s ecofeminist creative and academic work is inspired by the belief that all forms of injustice are interconnected to nature and that these must be addressed to create real change and transformation for peace and partnership to thrive in our world. Her artwork also addresses her identification as a Mestiza or mixed-race Filipino-Black woman. She believes that conscious creative work can be used to help open minds, as well as connect to new ideas and thoughts on a deeper level, and that this is the key to cultural, social, and spiritual revolution.

Jeannette has a Ph.D. in Philosophy and Religion with a focus in Women's Spirituality from the California Institute of Integral Studies located in San Francisco, CA. She also has an MA in Women's Studies from San Diego State University, MS in eLearning from California State University, East bay, and a BA in Psychology from Alliant International University-San Diego.

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