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The Imperfect Feminist Project is an ongoing project Jeannette started in 2007. This project began because she has often asked: What does it mean to be an ecofeminist? What does an ecofeminist "look" like? When describing and defining ones own feminism and ecofeminism, one must define what it is for themselves. This definition is based upon one’s own life experiences, identity, and politics. By self-defining, one has the opportunity to empower themselves and speak and be their truth. Despite this, Jeannette still questions some of the things she does as woman of color, mother, ecofeminist, wife, and spiritual being.

Jeannette states:


"The Imperfect Feminist Project is an art series that attempts to create a space for my questions, insecurities, embarrassments, and missteps as a self-identifying ecofeminist/feminist. By simply presenting my imperfections as a feminist and citizen of the Earth, I hope to create a space where I am being open and honest, and where I share my vulnerabilities. I hope this project inspires others to strive for acceptance of their perfectly imperfect selves, whatever and however that is."

Going Higher
Final Days
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