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What is ecofeminism?​

Ecofeminism emerged from the feminist movement and connects both feminism and ecology, both as social movements and philosophies. 

Ecofeminism calls attention to womxn’s role in healing the Earth. Ecofeminism acknowledges the interconnections of nature to all.

Ecofeminism addresses the interconnections between the oppression of all, and the mistreatment of nature, and it seeks to mitigate and overcome them by working on both. Similar to feminism, one defines ecofeminism in their own, personal way, based on one’s life experiences and the locations one may exist within. 

What is ecofeminist art?

Ecofeminist art is art that calls attention to folks role in healing the Earth and that acknowledges the interconnectedness of nature, and all beings. Art can be considered a form of activism: Activist art is created with the intention to empower and raise consciousness, and to create political, social and cultural change. This art can be considered activist. Individuals who create activist art or engage in art as activism see their artwork and their artistic creations activism integrally connected to both. They are one and the same, both art and activism.

What is ecofeminist activism? 

Ecofeminist activism is a type of social/political/cultural activism that connects feminism and ecology. Ecofeminist activism focuses on healing and respecting the Earth and all her 

interconnected inhabitants. 

Ecofeminist activism works to address and transform the interconnected injuries to all people and to nature caused by attitudes of sexism, racism, classism, and speciesism. 

What are ways to be involved in ecofeminist activism?

There are numerous ways to become involved in ecofeminist activism. Daily activism can be done through the simple task of recycling, using refillable bottles for water, supporting local businesses and farmers markets, consciously using less water and energy around the home, and riding a bike or walking to a nearby store rather than driving. One can also become more involved in organizations that focus on ecology, whether they be local, national, and international. Creating art or writing with a focus on ecofeminism is also a way for one to become involved and share ideas of ecofeminism. 


*The above definitions are published in Jeannette's dissertation entitled "Women’s Stories of Ecofeminist Activism and Artistic Expression: A Transdisciplinary Spiritual Feminist Inquiry Into Transformative and Spiritual Connections" (2016), which includes discussion on ecofeminism and stories of spiritual ecofeminist-activist-artists. If you have any questions about ecofeminism, ecofeminist art and/or Jeannette's research you can leave her a message here.


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